Europe's societies are working hard to eliminate all types of discrimination associated with gender and to enhance concrete gender equality plans (GEPs). The EU-funded LeTSGEPs project intends to connect several research-performing organisations to plan and perform actions that will result in systemic institutional transformation concerning gender prejudices. The project will also take advantage of the Gender Equality in Academia and Research (GEAR) instrument developed by the European Institute for Gender Equality. LeTSGEPs will promote the use of gender budgeting (GB) to face discrimination against women by integrating them in the budgetary process, aiming to eliminate marginalisation and exclusion from economic and political activities. The project will raise institutional concern on the significance of GEPs and GB through accurate training of the administrative personnel.​​​​​​​

Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle made up of a series of tiles that form a square initially, but which, when taken apart, can make up different shapes. This figure was chosen to symbolize the intention of the project to create a sense of solidity, at the same time capable of adapting and reinventing itself in response to various needs. Here the human component is once again fundamental. With these same tiles you can then create forms that can be used in a variety of graphic applications.

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