Fighting fake news through an outstanding open science communication framework

Quality science journalism and communication are pivotal in today’s struggle to deal with the great global challenges. Misinformation undermines citizens’ ability to tackle their problems and, as a result, the entire democratic process. Focusing on journalism, the EU-funded ENJOI project is investigating the potential of engagement as a crucial innovating factor in science communication distributed via media platforms. Through an intradisciplinary approach, ENJOI aims to co-create and select a set of standards, principles and indicators to compose a manifesto for outstanding open science communication. Moreover, the project aims to lay the foundation for an observatory that will promote capacity building and collaboration of all actors in the field.

For the presentation of the project the client asked me to simplify the different phases in which it would develop, so I drew this map, assigning a color to every phase of the project. Every chosen color is part of the brand palette.

Site design
The client really appriciated the style used for the presentation map of the project, so I also proposed it for the site design. The result is a very original site, all designed in vector, with a very colorful and certainly recognizable style.


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